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Open Letter on PACHA Dismissal

Friday, December 29th, 2017
  To my beloved community,


On the morning of Thursday, December 27, 2017 I received a letter of dismissal from the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. The dismissal of the present PACHA membership, despite the Executive Order continuing the Council to 2019, not only came as a shock to those of us on... (continuado)

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Miley Cyrus and White Feminism

As the poster child for cultural appropriation, it’s time we talk about Miley Cyrus and her relationship to white feminism. White feminism has a habit of alienating women of color, trans women, and queer women. Classism and elitism create “feminist gatekeepers” that only let in the most exclusive of members into the cult where privileges are viewed... (continuado)

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The Black and Brown Faces Missing from "Heaven"

If you live in the ever-updating world of LGBT pop culture, you are no stranger to the name Troye Sivan. His smooth vocals and haunting melodies fit surprisingly well within the pop genre and make his music an office favorite at TruEvolution. With poignant metaphors and resonating lyrics, the Australian singer is pretty well-known throughout the LGBT community. As one... (continuado)

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TruEvolution Finds a Home

In the LGBT community, “home” can often be an emotionally charged and controversial topic. All too often broken households, instability, and not belonging are topics seen littered throughout our narratives.  At TruEvolution we not only provide our youth with support and services, we connect them to local resources in the area to get them the help they need.

... (continuado)

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Mental Health & HIV: What You Should Know

It’s been proven that when you feel good about yourself, you make decisions in life that affirm you.  It’s also been proven that many people living with HIV, especially Black gay men, have unhealthy perceptions of themselves due to their serostatus.  The DSM-IV, the U.S. standard reference for psychiatry, cites over 300 different manifestations of mental illness. Some of us show symptoms of... (continuado)

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I wanted to Live

As I casually strolled down Hollywood Boulevard on an uneventful day in Los Angeles, I received a phone call from one of my best platonic friends. I answered, and the muffled voice on the other end blurted out three words that changed my life forever: “I have HIV.” Our silence was deafening. When I finally came to, I looked up... (continuado)

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